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2012.12.18 (二)
2012.12.21 (五)
第一場 14:00-16:00
第二場 10:00-12:00
韋陀 教授 (Prof. Roderick Whitfield) 演講
1. 敦煌研究的新觀點
   (New Perspectives from Dunhuang)
2. 明代宮廷的畫馬與畫獅
   (Paintings of Horses and Lions at the Ming Court)
台大校總區 文學院二樓會議室


Professor, SOAS, University of London


The past year has seen two new publications on Dunhuang: The Dunhuang Caves, I: Caves 266-275 of Mogao Grottoes, one volume in two parts. (Beijing: Wenwu Press, 2011); and Lokesh Chandra and Nirmala Sharma: Buddhist Paintings of Dunhuang in the National Museum, New Delhi (New Delhi: Niyogi Books, 2012). In addition, Princeton University is preparing to publish the archive of over two thousand photographs taken in 1943 by James and Lucy Lo, invaluable record of the Mogao and Yulin caves at that time. This lecture will discuss how these publications help to advance our knowledge of the mural paintings at the site and of the paintings on silk and hemp cloth that were discovered in the Library Cave (Mogao Cave 17) over a hundred years ago.

Vast numbers of horses were imported to China during the Ming dynasty: the finest were selected for the imperial stables, and portraits of some of them appear to have been made by imperial command. These equine (and sometimes leonine) portraits in turn were copied by other painters, who used them as models to portray recent tributary missions. Although such paintings have not been considered worthy of much note, they were nevertheless influential in providing stock types for the portrayal of fine steeds and of envoys from foreign countries.

(本簡介由Prof. Roderick Whitfield提供)